When you do photograph your Outdoor Family sessions?

I photograph outdoors April - November. My family sessions take place Sundays - Thursday evenings, and begin approximately an hour before sunset. This guarantees best light of the day. I do not typically photograph earlier in the day unless it is an overcast day. I know with little ones it can be challenging to keep them up later however, in order to get images that look like mine, it’s essential we stick to this timeline. The earliest sunsets will take place in April, October and November.

How many people do your family sessions include?

My Outdoor Family sessions include immediately family. If you’d like to add on additional family members such as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins, you can book an Extended Family session.

Where do your outdoor sessions take place?

I have a number of locations within the Lehigh Valley (and beyond) I like to photograph at. I’m also open to chatting to you about a location you have in mind. Whether you like fieldy, farmy, a location with older buildings, or more urban, I know we can find the perfect location for you!

My child is wiggly/won’t sit very long. Is a mini session better?

Actually, the opposite tends to be true! Many clients focus on booking ‘mini’ sessions because they feel like the 15 minute timeline is better for their child. However, if your child is upset, you may be dissapointed in the images. A full session allows us the time necessary to coax a shy child into opening up and smiling, to allow a child to warm up, to give them time to calm down if upset, etc. Many times if a child is unwilling to participate in the beginning, by 30 minutes in they are full of smiles!