Lehigh Valley Baby Photographer

Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer

Lehigh Valley Newborn & Baby Photography

Their teeny toes, sweet squishy lips, little hands and sweet face; Your baby will NEVER be this small again. One day, you’ll be able to sit down and look back on how amazingly small and sweet your baby was. You will be so happy you chose to capture this milestone in your life.

I am proud to offer 3 different types of Newborn Portrait Sessions. Click below each image for more details!

Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer

In Home Newborn

This newborn session takes place in the comfort of your own home; it’s the perfect option when you want a relaxed, easy newborn session which focuses on baby and family together. I refer to this session as a visual love letter. When your baby is grown, he or she will cherish having photos of them being loved at home as a newborn.

Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer

Studio Newborn

This newborn session takes place in my home studio in the Lehigh Valley, or for an additional fee, in the comfort of your home. While it includes a few family portraits, its focused on baby. Baby is posed in baskets, bowls, and in cute poses with props and outfits.

Lehigh Valley Hospital Photographer

Simply Newborn

This newborn session takes place after baby’s birth while still in the hospital. It’s sweet to capture baby so fresh and new! You’ll never forget what it felt like to hold your new little squish when you have images of him wrapped up in your arms.