Birth Story Instructions & Information

Oh my gosh, we are getting SO CLOSE to meeting your sweet little baby! I am so excited you have chosen me to document your birth story for you. I simply cannot wait!

Please review the information on this page regarding how & when to contact me, suggestions on things to bring or wear, and anything else you need to know regarding my presence at your birth. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or anything I can help you with!

When & How to Contact Kristin

My only form of contact for your birth is through my cell phone. This number is: 484-264-2017 . Add it into your phone and also under your partner’s phone. You’re going to contact me multiple times prior to me arriving at your birthing center. Please call me unless you are giving a basic update like “I am in room 412” or “I’m going to kill my husband” (Hahahahahaha) in which case you are welcome to text. But please call for the contact requests below.

First contact will be when you even just think you might be in labor. It’s ok if you don’t know - what is important is that it allows me a heads up to start clearing my calendar & rearranging other things and making child care arrangements in the event you truly are. Even if it turns out to be false labor, please do not skip this step.

Second contact will be when you KNOW you are in active labor, and either heading to your birth center or are confirmed by an OB/Midwife to be in active labor.

Third & final contact will be when you are approx 4-5 cm dilated. You may know this when you contact me the second time, which would make this third contact unnecessary.

If you feel you are progressing faster than normal at ANY moment, please contact me again for that so I can make a speedier arrival. My goal is to arrive when you are around 6 cm dilated.

If its helpful, assign someone else to keep in contact with me - typically your partner but anyone else is fine too! Make sure this person knows where you are and how I can find you (if you’re at hospital, in triage, room number, etc)

My Process

I know you trust my vision to capture your birth story beautifully, but I want to share a little more about my process. I aim to arrive when you are around 6 cm dilated. I will take a few minutes to meet & greet you, get my gear out, and maybe ‘rearrange’ the room a little bit (move unnecessary things out of the way that may prevent me from capturing an angle, etc.) I will introduce myself to the nurses and if your doctor is there, your doctor as well.

I begin with capturing your laboring - documenting your connection with your partner or any other support members with you. I do not photograph during cervical checks. If you would like me to leave the room during cervical checks, please let me know either ahead of time or if at any point you change your mind.

During pushing, I will be at your side and/or behind you, possibly on a stool as I’m on the short side and don’t want to miss anything. It is entirely possible I may be in staff’s way at any given moment and be asked to move, so I’ll adjust accordingly. It is not my standard policy to capture the birth from the doctor’s viewpoint - and most hospitals do not allow this. If this is something you would like documented, and you have permission from your doctor, I would be happy to do this for you!

**If at any point you no longer want me in the room, please tell me or have someone tell me** This will not hurt my feelings. I will not be angry. This is YOUR birth and it’s a privilege to get to be in the room with you.

During your labor & birth, if there is anything I can do to help you in any way, please let me know.

Things to wear & bring

Although in the heat of the moment, all plans might go out the door, consider picking out something for your partner to wear that photographs well. Although he or she might love their t-shirt with a large truck or logo on it, you might not want to see those details in your birth photos. Consider they pick out something that’s neutral with no bold prints or logos of any kind.

For yourself, you may choose to wear the hospital gown, or perhaps you have something picked out on your own, or go naked. In case you are unsure of what you would like to wear, here are a few suggestions if you’d like to wear something different!